Party Offensive tops ?22,000

The final figure for this year?s Spring Offensive - the annual two-month fundraising drive of the Communist Party - has surpassed ?22,000. This is a magnificent effort, busting through our ?20,000 target for 2001 and underlining the political and organisational steps forward we have taken over the recent period.

Although the bulk of the money - over 90% - has actually come from longer-term members, the participation of the newer comrades has been very encouraging. Although their minimum pledges were lower than those set for veterans of previous campaigns, this partially reflects the financial position of young people in modern-day Britain. The comrades manifested a real willingness to make sacrifices and develop a serious approach to finance. That is the important thing.

The number of sympathisers around the Party who have contributed this year has remained about the same as last, although it was encouraging that the number of such comrades contributing ?100 plus was up.

All in all, a very successful Offensive for us. All comrades should be proud of our collective effort.

Mark Fischer