WW archive > Issue 384 - 17 May 2001

Operation Red Flag

Electorally we are mounting one of the biggest leftwing challenges to the Labour-Tory political establishment ever. Operation Red Flag.


Wales matters; Contradictions


Scargill launches campaign

A candidate?s diary

CPGB member Lawrie Coombs is the Socialist Alliance parliamentary candidate for Stockton South


Party Offensive tops ?22,000

Sectarian childishness

The London borough of Hackney has been in crisis ever since the formation of the Labour-Tory coalition - massive cuts, occupations, demonstrations, strikes and prosecutions for huge electoral fraud. If the left were to unite an immediate breakthrough is possible. Unfortunately - though part of the Socialist Alliance - the Socialist Party in England and Wales insists on pursuing its own narrow interests. Hackney SA officers Will McMahon and Mike Marqusee, presented this letter to the Socialist Alliance executive meeting of Saturday May 12 exposing SPEW?s decision to stand in a council by-election in opposition to the SA



Nationalism and tactics

Bob Goupillot, a member of the Republican Communist Network, is the Scottish Socialist Party candidate for Midlothian, near Edinburgh. Peter Manson spoke to him for the Weekly Worker

Executive meets

Moving forward together

Manifesto launch

Bold approach pays off

Northern Ireland

Stunt threatens crisis

Greenwich and Woolwich

Enthusiasm and amateurism

Greater Manchester

Salford twin challenge


Blair ambushed


SA fights SP wrecking

Dissent in Wonderland

Liz Davies, 'Through the looking glass', Verso, pp213, ?15

CPGB aggregate

Campaign for an SA party

Belief in workers? unity

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