SSP-SWP talks

Moving closer

Things are moving on regarding negotiations between the Socialist Workers Party and the Scottish Socialist Party. Scottish Socialist Voice, up to now the SSP's fortnightly, is (for the duration of the general election campaign at least) to go weekly, starting on March 28. Even more significantly, it is to have both financial and editorial input from the SWP.

This is a welcome step and, given the SSP leadership's foot-dragging attitude towards proposed unity with the SWP, it is unexpected. This is especially the case since SWP comrades in Scotland have not yet been allowed to join, despite the apparent willingness of their leaders to jump through one hoop after another in order for their members to be let in. The SWP has also officially come on board the SSP's election campaign, following an SWP aggregate for its Scotland membership, at which Julie Waterson was present, on Tuesday March 6.

Chris Bambery has emailed the SSP leadership, asking for clarification on certain issues, including SSV, full-timers, leadership bodies and its attitude towards the national question and the anti-capitalist movement. Comrade Bambery seems to be making a genuine final attempt at overcoming organisational obstacles and possible political fears.

Carol Newson