WW archive > Issue 375 - 15 March 2001

Sect primitivism and a Socialist Alliance party

Inevitably the main underlying theme of the Socialist Alliance's March 10 conference concerned the period after the general election. Each and every debate at Birmingham was haunted by its attendant ghost of things to come.


Rat executions; Misleading; Rebel rebel

SSP-SWP talks

Moving closer

International Socialist Tendency

Breaking off links The Socialist Workers Party has finally broken off links with the US International Socialist Organization. The ISO Steering Committee has circulated this document to all affiliates to the SWP's 'international', the International Socialist Tendency. It demonstrates that the attempt to build a bureaucratic international of like-minded sects will inevitably produce one split after another - since differences are always regarded as a problem, not an opportunity for mutual enlightenment

PCS Left Unity

Eradicated from history

Nikolai Roslavets Piano trios Nos 2-4 Trio Fontenay, Teldec, £10 (full price), 72 minutes, DDD

Party notes

Wise up

Socialist Alliance roundup

Cambridgeshire Fish on a bike

New step to unity

SWP and Socialist Alliance

Auto-Labourism lives on

Minimum wage

Calculated insult

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