PCS Left Unity

Late last year the independent socialist candidate, Mark Serwotka, won the ballot to become the Public and Commercial Services union general secretary elect by 40,740 votes to 33,942 votes, beating Hugh Lanning, the Blairite candidate. This was a stunning success for the ideas of socialism and class struggle in PCS.

Following his election, Mark Serwotka issued a statement to Left Unity, and which was issued to all Left Unity members. He called for urgent discussions around the issues arising out of his election. He called on Left Unity in particular to arrange a special conference, open to all PCS members, to ensure we maximise the new opportunities opened up by his victory.

Left Unity is organising such a conference, on April 21 at the Mechanics Institute in Manchester. It will be an excellent opportunity to review the new situation in the union.

It will also be an opportunity to build upon PCS conference policies and exchange ideas about the best way forward on the main issues facing members and reps, such as pay and privatisation.

Mark Serwotka will be the keynote speaker for the opening session. He said: "I would urge PCS activists to attend this important event. It will be an ideal opportunity to discuss the key issues facing members and how we can build an effective fightback. This conference can play a key part in the process of making sure that the policies I fought for in my successful election can be delivered."

Those present will then be able to attend one of several smaller sessions: national pay bargaining, and all the pay issues; the fight against privatisation; sickness absence policies; equality issues; independence, not partnership; and building the left in PCS.

If you are interested in attending the conference or require further details you should contact Kevin Kelly on 0191-581 0257 or email kevinandjulie@kellyk30.freeserve.co.uk

Kevin Kelly