WW archive > Issue 315 - 02 December 1999

Unity at last: London Socialist Alliance negotiations

Link with Campaign Against Tube Privatisation on the cards


Cuba invites; CWI parasites; New CPGB; Sheep-like; New motor?; Philosophy

Irish freedom and socialist revolution

Permanent and national revolution

Gerry Downing examines differences among the Bolsheviks on the national question

Action stations

Tom Delargy believes that the split within the Committee for a Workers International in Scotland could end the toleration of factions in the Scottish Socialist Party

British imports

Jack Conrad reviews 'Leave to remain', written by Leon London and directed Lisa Goldman (Battersea Arts Centre, until December 12, £8 or £5 concessions)

Don’t blame the mirror

David Fincher Fight Club USA 1999

Same method

Not one bullet

Sinn Féin joins unionism


Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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