WW archive > Issue 306 - 30 September 1999

Taaffe does a U-turn

SPEW’s last-minute about-turn on ‘supporting’ SWP lobby reflects internal crisis


Expel miscreants; British-Irish; Nano-smears; Gramscian; Arthur’s backing; Unprincipled

Party notes

Students show the way

Indonesian crisis

Blair’s new drugs offensive

Bourgeois democracy or socialism

Do oppressor communities have the right to create their own states? José Villa accuses Jack Conrad of sacrificing the rights of the majority

Inversion of Marxism

Still defending Serbia

Communism is no utopia

István Mészáros, the noted Marxist thinker, gave this opening to this year’s Communist University

Spies like us

Legality and illegality are different moments in the class struggle

Act now!

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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