Ian Farrell reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Marx’s comment that capitalism tends to reduce everything to a “cash nexus” is beautifully illustrated by Tony Blair’s latest efforts to bully teachers with performance-related pay, which the unions quite rightly say will be extremely difficult to implement. “When we are putting in that extra money,” Blair said on BBC radio, we must get “something back in return”.

The writers of this paper do not expect anything “back in return” by way of money for themselves. But that does not mean we get free newsprint, free postage and free computers. The Weekly Worker costs money … and as a non-commercial enterprise relies on you - its readers. Those who value the Weekly Worker and want to see our struggle to reforge the Communist Party come to fruition must take your personal share in its financial sustenance.

Donations this week include £15 from MS, £10 from MC and £25 from JS. Your commitment is much appreciated.

The January fund has reached £280 towards our monthly £400 target.

Ian Farrell