WW archive > Issue 244 - 11 June 1998

Euro fightback

New strategy needed for working class in European Union


Inanity; Lost marbles; Brazilian repression; Barbaric relic

CPB factional war rumbles on

Morning Star AGM

June aggregate

Party notes

Bucking the issue

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, June 6 1918

Irish consensus

Prisoners out but RUC stays

Capitulation to nationalism

This Members Bulletin document, ‘In defence of the revolutionary party’, is the Socialist Party EC’s reply to Scottish Militant Labour’s proposals to liquidate itself into a Scottish Socialist Party. Having gone along with SML’s national socialist trajectory, the SP now objects to the consequences of an “independent socialist Scotland”. The result is a travesty of Marxism

Hatching a conspiracy

Every Sunday until June 28 there is an explosive happening of music, poetry, film and performance at the Battersea Arts Centre running under the title ‘Conspiracy’. But, say its organisers, this is only the beginning. They want to create a new counter-culture, a theatre fit for the 21st century. Jack Conrad spoke to one of its founders and main movers Tam Dean Burn

Do the right thing

Summer Offensive ’98

No politics please, we’re Bullites

Around the left

Manchester Alliance in trouble

United Campaign

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Unity and criticism

North West union rights campaign

Broader or greener?

Nick Long, the coordinator of Lewisham Socialist Alliance and a member of the Socialist Democracy Group, responds to the CPGB’s John Bridge (see Weekly Worker May 28)

LSA controversy

Motions to the LSA submitted by the CPGB

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