WW archive > Issue 243 - 04 June 1998

Poverty wage

Fight for what we need!


Correction; Vacuum


Party notes

The offensive against The Call

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, May 30 1918

Indonesia: The will to win?

Too high a price to pay

Former Scottish Militant Labour member Tom Delargy gives his views on SML’s break with the Socialist Party and its embrace of nationalism

Theatre of dissent

Jack Conrad reviews 'Seeing Red - part two', May 26 - June 14, Battersea Arts Centre, directors Lisa Goldman and Deborah Bruce

Breaking imperialism’s rules

India and Pakistan

Back to normal

Around the left

London left routed

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Late start

Summer Offensive ’98

CPB war of attrition

Morning Star AGM this weekend

Peace strike threat

State targets Irish republicans

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