Half time looms

Summer Offensive ’98

Week three of the CPGB’s eight-week fundraising drive saw a North London supporter add to the £100 he had already donated towards our election work, sending cheques for £200 now and £200 postdated, all of which counts towards our collective Summer Offensive target of £20,000 by June 29. Comrade DO from East London has given £50. We also received a number of smaller cheques from Party supporters and sympathisers inspired by our coverage of events in Indonesia.

Comrades in Hackney are tackling the Offensive in a variety of ways. One is collecting goods to be sold in car boot sales. Two others are doing second jobs and extra shifts to bring in that extra few hundred pounds. This, of course, is something non-political people readily do to meet their private needs, but communists put in time in a selfless way, for the needs of the struggle.

Comrades in Manchester have responded to the Party printshop’s offer to augment SO figures with commission on jobs. Competitive quotes can be given for any location in the UK (if not beyond), so a book for a Manchester customer will help the printshop expand and swell our SO total.

A further £91 has been raised by Manchester comrades this week, and £300 by the Weekly Worker team, bringing the total for three weeks to £3,469 – 17.3% of the target. We are still looking for new or increased pledges to the tune of £6,170 to reach £20,000. This will only be achieved by each individual Party and Weekly Worker supporter personally prioritising fundraising in the face of other pressing matters. Mark the halfway point of the campaign by sending in money and new pledges.

Stan Kelsey