WW archive > Issue 242 - 28 May 1998

No turning back

Indonesian regime fails to buy off masses


Spoilt votes; Disjointed; Leaders held; Maoist CPGB?; … or Stalinist?; Hunger strike; Complicated matters

Welcome move

Party notes

SWP tails charities

Around the left

Profiting from crime

Rapprochement stalled

No choice for voters

Open letter to John Nicholson, Greater Manchester Socialist Alliance convenor, from GMSA member John Pearson

Alliances at crossroads

Which way for Reclaim Our Rights?

Simon Harvey of the SLP

His way to reaction

Frank Sinatra (1915-1998)

Labourism at work

Government issues ‘Fairness at work’ white paper

Half time looms

Summer Offensive ’98

Tories wait in wings

Peace process fragile despite referendum success

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