WW archive > Issue 230 - 05 March 1998

Reaction marches

New Labour running scared as Tories take to the streets


Despairing; General retreat; Dialectical

Towards the Daily Worker

Party notes

Tories flounder

Imperialists ‘optimistic’


Britain and the Scots

Mary Ward critically examines some of the myths and dangers of Scottish nationalism

In defence of the Bolsheviks

From ‘The Call’, paper of the British Socialist Party, February 28 1918

Admission of failure

Around the left

RCP’s designer liquidationism

Scargill and the Morning Star

Simon Harvey of the SLP

The road to oblivion

CPB in crisis

Indefinite strike at Star

Sacking the editor threatens demise of ‘daily paper of the left’

Open press

Katrina Haynes reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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