WW archive > Issue 226 - 05 February 1998

Bloody Sunday hypocrisy

Blair’s announcement of a new judicial enquiry has already provoked tensions within the British ruling class


Odd reply ; Both wrong; Voluntarism; Correction

One step forward

Party notes

All power to the soviets

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, January 31 1918

History lessons

Anna Weber reviews ‘Crimes and mercies - The fate of German civilians under Allied occupation, 1944 -1950’ by James Baque

Thesis on revolutionary openness

This thesis was discussed at the CPGB’s aggregate last weekend. Comrades from Manchester opposed it and presented an alternative motion. The thesis, itself the result of intense discussion and amendment, had the backing of the Provisional Central Committee and was overwhelmingly carried, but with the Manchester comrades voting against. Their own motion was then carried by a large majority. The Weekly Worker will be discussing this important question over the coming period

Miserly payouts for miners

On party censorship

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Glorious isolation

Around the left

Facing the fire of Korean unification

How has a divided Korea impacted upon the working class? Lee Min Young - a former partisan of Cliffism - looks at the relationship between the class struggle and unification

Civil war at Morning Star

Threat to Iraq grows

As Clinton sinks deeper in the mire, a diversionary strike is on the cards

London Socialist Alliance launch

It could be you

Katrina Haynes reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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