WW archive > Issue 223 - 15 January 1998

‘Peace’ train back on track

Blair hopes that a ‘council of the isles’ will secure a new imperialist stability


Liberation; Original slogan; Lukács; Althusser

Party schools

Party notes

Chicherin and the Petrovs released - and deported

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, January 10 1918

Cross your fingers

Around the left

Democratic Platform conference: SLP left splits – again

Anti-communism is anti-communism, no matter who imposes it

A republican party of the working class

Jan Berryman analyses developments in the SLP from a republican-communist angle

Abolish the block vote

Democratic Platform builds new unity

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Tilting at windmills

Racism or national chauvinsim?

Blair puts the boot in

Euro rebel defies Blair

Ken Coates talks to the Weekly Worker about the need to build a fightback

Fighting Fund

Katrina Haynes reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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