WW archive > Issue 194 - 05 June 1997

Campaign for democracy in the SLP

Simon Harvey calls on all democrats in the SLP to join the struggle for democracy and open debate in the workers’ movement


Communist candidates; Forum; More on Class War; At odds; Qualified support

Party time ...

Party notes

Unemployed top Labour’s hit list

Democrat attacked

In the Weekly Worker (May 22) we reported on a conference in Manchester to discuss a campaign for a democratic SLP. The SLP’s candidate in Vauxhall, South London, has come under Scargill’s fire for taking part in this democracy meeting

Boycotting the republic?

After a debate at the CPGB’s London seminar last Saturday, Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group (faction of the SWP) responds to criticisms

Reality in Scotland missed

Deserting the field

Around the left

Opening up the post-election debate

Mark Fischer comments on Socialist Party’s internal discussion document, see ‘The 1997 general election and perspectives for Marxism’

The 1997 general election and perspectives for Marxism

Below we reprint an edited version of the Socialist Party’s internal discussion document on the political landscape following the general election. We hope this will serve to open up the discussion around the tasks of the left

Imperialism moves east

Europe for the workers

Fighting fund

Linda Addison reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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