WW archive > Issue 187 - 17 April 1997

Campaign for SLP democracy

Last weekend Socialist Labour’s Vauxhall branch hosted a meeting to campaign for democracy in the SLP. Following his attack on another London branch, Brent, Arthur Scargill had derecognised Vauxhall and effectively expelled all its members. Ian Driver, SLP candidate for Vauxhall, is still formally recognised by the SLP leadership. Nevertheless he continues to defend the Vauxhall branch against the witch hunt and has produced this open letter to SLP members asking for their support


Labour cretinism; Do your own thing ; Angry and sad

Scargill threatens members’ rights

April aggregate

Party notes

Seeds of resistance

SLP election launch in Manchester

Irish in Britain

Establishing the socialist alternative on Merseyside

Helen Ellis spoke to Chris Jones, Socialist Labour candidate for Knowsley on Merseyside. He was the local brigade chair of the Fire Brigades Union until he left the service four years ago

Socialist Party: ‘Faith in working people’

In Peckham, south London both the Socialist Party and the Socialist Labour Party are standing against Labour’s Harriet Harman. We tried to talk to SLP candidate Angela Ruddock but Peckham branch secretary Ann Goss told us her branch would not speak to us. Lee-Anne Bates therefore spoke to SP candidate Joan Barker about the campaign

Representative of the Communist International

Revolutionary candidates: Walton Newbold

The defence of the Russian Republic

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, April 12 1917

Imperialism’s new objectives

Openness to defeat witch hunt

SL Kenning looks at latest developments in the Socialist Labour Party

Dishonest silence

Maclean: honour the internationalist

Comrade Bob Pitt, author of John Maclean and the CPGB, presented a Communist Party-organised seminar in London last weekend, entitled ‘John Maclean, nationalism and the Party’

Where’s the left?

Labour safe for capitalism

Cameron embarrassed by Essex fightback

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