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Farcical Labour Party mark two

Tusc’s February 3 convention was, by any objective assessment, an abject failure. Most of the organisations represented amount to no more than political dust, reports Carla Roberts


Now communist?; Marxist polemic; RS21 insults; Factions; Oppressor state; Centrist; Self-defence; Not anti-Semitic

A culture of apology

David Miller is worth more than the whole pack of the Socialist Campaign Group of MPs put together. Apologising makes you complicit, but taking a stand brings vindication, writes Eddie Ford

Best of times, worst of times

Saving the NHS will undoubtedly be a key issue in the coming general election. Ian Spencer analyses the recommendations of the Times Health Commission

Monkey see, monkey do

Revolution or vapourware? Paul Demarty assesses brain-computer interfaces and Elon Musk’s hype

Sound and fury of battle

Once pan-Arab socialism counted as a real force in the world, its most famous leader being Gamal Abdel Nasser. Yassamine Mather looks back at his heady rhetoric and ultimate failure

Why is there a drug war?

Mass incarceration and police brutality are no answer to either the gangs or drug-related health issues, argues Daniel Lazare

Risks and horrors of AUKUS

Labor’s ‘left’ faction around Anthony Albanese and Penny Wong has openly and unashamedly embraced the alliance with US imperialism, now it is in government, says Martin Greenfield

Not within touching distance

Sinn Féin might appear, to some, to be on the cusp of realising the long-held dream of Irish reunification. However, if it happens, there would be a huge price to pay, argues Anne McShane

Online Communist Forum, Sunday February 11 5pm

Up the pace

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