WW archive > Issue 1476 - 01 February 2024

Full-spectrum complicity

By ‘suspending’ funding, the west’s diversionary campaign against UNRWA gives the lie to bourgeois cant about ‘genocide prevention’, argues Paul Demarty


Ignoring reality; Minimum demands; No factions; Depressing; Swedish justice; Afghan poppies; Lurid claim

Coming apart at the seams

Despite last week’s E Jean Carroll defamation verdict, Trump’s popularity continues to surge. Daniel Lazare explains why events keep boomeranging in his favour

Sir Patrick Sanders’ citizen army

There is much talk in establishment circles about the British army being too small and the need to gear up for war against Russia. Under these circumstances the left needs clear programmatic answers, says Jack Conrad

Symbolic victory in The Hague

Whatever its limitations, Mike Macnair welcomes the ruling of the International Court of Justice. It helps undermine the ‘anti-Zionism equals anti-Semitism’ big lie

Clear the smoke and mirrors

Zionism relies on anti-Semitism and is itself a form of anti-Semitism. Thomas Suárez discusses the ability of the Israeli state to excuse its crimes and silence critics

Safe space for business

Team Starmer is being supported financially by very high-net-worth individuals and big companies. Have no doubts we are on course for the most rightwing Labour government ever, writes Eddie Ford

Online Communist Forum, Sunday February 4 5pm

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