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How crybullying works

Politics should have no ‘safe spaces’. Sob stories about ‘anti-Semitism’ on campus strike at a weak point in contemporary left politics, argues Paul Demarty


Faction nonsence; Faction again; Faction ban; Hamas symmetry; Membership; Scorned; Contradiction; Correction

Showing exceptional weakness

Claudine Gay wants to defend the status quo against the radical right. But since the status quo is indefensible, it’s a lost cause, says Daniel Lazare

Preparing for disillusionment

Losing ground badly in the polls, facing more by-election defeats, and with Reform UK breathing down his neck, it is not surprising that Rishi Sunak wants to go for a late election, writes Eddie Ford

How Britain helped create Israel

Tony Greenstein and Thomas Suarez discussed ‘The Ottoman Empire, the 1917 Balfour Declaration and Zionism before 1948’. Kenneth Syme reports on the December 21 Why Marx? webinar

After October 7

The war in Gaza has to be put in regional, global and historic context. Moshé Machover talked to Yassamine Mather at a Voice of Revolution meeting held online on December 20

Taciturns offer nothing positive

Naming your organisation Talking About Socialism and then not wanting to talk is as perverse as it is revealing. Mike Macnair responds to the arguments of Nick Wrack and Will McMahon

Orders for a killing

Assassinating political opponents frequently has a paradoxical effect: instead of weakening and defeating, it strengthens, argues Yassamine Mather

Online Communist Forum, Sunday January 14 5pm

Upping the rate

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