WW archive > Issue 1472 - 04 January 2024

CPGB Provisional Central Committee: Statement on Israel-Gaza war


Zionist lies; Factional answers; Two questions; Inventing myths; United defence

No print edition this week

Joining the living dead

Carla Roberts wishes she was surprised that Jon Lansman has joined the Jewish Labour Movement

More ballot games

Another year, another legal attempt to stymie Donald Trump. Daniel Lazare detects echoes of 1860

Haley’s telling blunder

Many southerners happily fly the stars and bars, but they prefer to talk of state rights, not black slavery. Paul Demarty looks at Donald Trump’s nearest Republican rival

Not a religious war

Daniel Lazare lumps Hamas together with the Zionists, argues Tony Greenstein. But socialists should unconditionally support the oppressed

Threats mask timid actions

Yassamine Mather says that neither the US nor Iran want an all-out war, but after the assassination of Saleh al-Arouri in Beirut and the bomb attacks on Qasem Soleimani’s admirers, tensions are reaching breaking-point

Nothing positive to be gained

On the need for a new mass socialist/communist party: a reply to the CPGB-PCC from Talking About Socialism…from a Marxist point of view

Record-breaking in the wrong way

Storms, floods, drought and fire on an almost biblical scale presage social breakdown. It is socialism or barbarism, says Eddie Ford

Online Communist Forum, Sunday January 7 5pm

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