WW archive > Issue 1469 - 30 November 2023

Sixty seconds and no politics

Launched in Nottingham, Transform is unlikely to set British politics alight. Carla Roberts reports on a truly bizarre event


Admit defeat; Scurvy pacifist; Significant role; Not terrorist; Graft and greed

Class, culture and generation

Daniel Lazare welcomes the Jewish civil war that is being fought out in cancellations, sackings, demonstrations, petitions and boycotts

ABCs of Muslim Brothers

Three typologies, three stages, three martyrs. In the second of three articles, Jack Conrad investigates a highly variegated history of the organisation in Egypt

Media, migrants and mobs

People Before Profit says the state is soft on far-right groups, but failure to deal with the housing crisis is the main problem, argues Anne McShane

Battle for Tory soul

There is more trouble for Sunak, writes Eddie Ford, with record net figures - much to the anger and consternation of the Tory right

Upfront, sharp and personal

Communist unity cannot come about through broad-frontism, safe spaces or tailing the existing left. Mike Macnair responds to three recent contributions

Don’t cry for Milei, Argentina

The election of an anarcho-capitalist eccentric as president is the latest example of bourgeois politics descending into irrationality, argues Paul Demarty

Online Communist Forum, Sunday December 3 5pm

Why supporting Israel’s war doesn’t stop Marine Le Pen’s party being anti-Semitic

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