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Notes on the war

Putin is in real trouble - the Wagnerite rebellion testifies to political, military and strategic failure, argues Jack Conrad


Beacon; Decline?; Eco-zealots; No chattel; Too many people

Paradoxes of speech

Left no-platforming plays straight into the hands of the right. The right pretends to champion free speech and in turn no-platforms the left. Gaby Rubin reports on the June 25 CPGB aggregate

Adriana and Titan

Instinct takes bourgeois journalism down tracks already laid a million times before. Paul Demarty contrasts the treatment given to two different maritime disasters

Dumbness of dumbing down

The Morning Star’s CPB is about to enter its pre-congress discussion period. We have here, though, a classic case of bureaucratic, not democratic, centralism. Mike Macnair investigates

Veiled lessons

Yassamine Mather spoke to Anne McShane at a Hands Off the People of Iran meeting. Given the recent wave of arrests in Iran and new legislation reinforcing the wearing of the hijab, the experience of the Soviet Union’s Zhenotdel in the 1920s is of particular relevance.

Both sides cracking

Russia is not the only major power that is feeling the strain, argues Daniel Lazare . The US is too

Putting the record straight

Alexei Sayle (narrator), Chis Reeves (director), Norman Thomas (writer), Oh, Jeremy Corbyn - the big lie, Platform Films

Back on the picket line

The pay battle in the NHS is a mixed picture, but, when it comes to doctors, there can be no denying the determination to fight, writes Richard Galen

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