WW archive > Issue 1447 - 15 June 2023

Never same again

Charging Donald Trump has had far-right Republicans reaching for their guns. Will he go down? Daniel Lazare is sure: maybe yes, maybe no


Well founded; Analyse; Dictatorship; IHRA definition; Top dog?; Preparation; Exceptional; Sexual liberation

Death and the cabin

Paul Demarty considers the life and death of Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber. There are lessons for Extinction Rebellion, Just Stop Oil and all who despair of majoritarian politics

Misleading parliament should matter

Mike Macnair discusses Boris Johnson’s lies, his resignation, his honours list and his media manipulation

Not all in the mind

There is likely to be an acute crisis when the Met police stop responding to mental health calls. Ian Spencer takes us from Bethlem to Huntercombe via Enoch Powell

First plan backgrounds

Planning and socialism are synonymous. However, as Jack Conrad argues in a two-part article, there is planning and planning. The Soviet Union’s first five-year plan owed more to chaos than plan

Still with us in our hearts

Fred Carpenter December 28 1952 - May 18 2023

Putting capital and careers first

Starmer’s purge of left candidates shows he is serious about governing ‘responsibly’, says Kevin Bean

Online Communist Forum, Sunday June 18 5pm

Do the necessary

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