WW archive > Issue 1440 - 27 April 2023

Servants as masters

Eddie Ford says Dominic Raab was forced to quit after a political struggle between ministry’s policy and minister’s policy


United front; IRA accountable; Death penalty; Féminisme

Chasing after cabinet seats

Sinn Féin looks set to become the biggest party after the next general election. Anne McShane lambasts its PBP would-be coalition partner

Recipe for conflict

Michael Roberts examines the continued role of the dollar, despite the hype about US decline and a multipolar world economy

Scenes from history

First published a hundred years ago, History and class-consciousness has exerted considerable influence on left sects since the 1960s. Lawrence Parker investigates the philosophy and politics of György Lukács

Rupert’s American debacle

The spectacular settlement with Dominion Election Systems is an index of both political dysfunction and the role of the rightwing media, argues Paul Demarty

Their militia and ours

Workers should not take the second amendment as their starting point when establishing a militia. No, fighting to repeal the second amendment and nationalising guns comes first. Daniel Lazare responds to Jack Conrad

Race, prejudice and stupidity

Diane Abbott’s version of identity politics has proved to be a gift for Sir Keir and his drive to complete the marginalisation of the left, argues Kevin Bean

Online Communist Forum, Sunday April 30 5pm

Was there a mandarin coup against Dominic Raab? - political report from CPGB’s Provisional Central Committee and discussion

Celebrate May Day

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