WW archive > Issue 1429 - 09 February 2023

Picket lines and ballot box

Mass strikes, soaring food and energy prices, Tory sleaze scandals - all speak of the return of the ‘British disease’. Eddie Ford says that is why sections of the mainstream media could well back Sir Keir in 2024, and why we need our own political alternative


Tit for tat?; Single state; Proudest moment; Distilled venom; Anti-Zionism; Nonsensical; Opportunist duo; Class lines; Social republic; Coal power; Kimist Korea

School for scoundrels

Widely pictured as a supervillain, Andrew Tate is, suggests Paul Demarty, a banal symptom of atomisation

Clearing the ground

Getting out of the ‘gender recognition’ trap requires breaking with the foundations of the arguments behind it, argues Mike Macnair

Truth must be silenced

BBC2’s documentary about the 2002 Gujarat pogrom has caused a storm. Modi’s government and its friends abroad have made accusations of insensitivity, racism and colonial attitudes, reports Bill Goodridge

Resisting the incoming tide

Daniel Lazare pours scorn on the House of Representatives’ utterly incoherent, but revealing, resolution condemning the ‘horrors of socialism’

Whose constituent assembly?

As the stalemate between the Islamic Republic and the mass opposition movement continues, Mir-Hossein Mousavi, one of the leaders of the 2009 Green movement, has called for a constituent assembly. Yassamine Mather has translated this excerpt from an article by Torab Saleth which deals with the constituent assembly from a leftwing point of view

Hanging on the old barbed wire

Jim Moody reviews All quiet on the western front, directed by Edward Berger (general release, 2022)

A pack of knaves

Kim Johnson stood up for Palestinian rights, only to recant a few hours later. Kevin Bean rounds on the cowardly official Labour left

Play your part

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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