WW archive > Issue 1423 - 15 December 2022

Pagan origins and modern tinsel

Official society combines crass money-making with celebrating the birth of the man-god Jesus. Knowing their history, a few Christians dissent, refuse to join in. Jack Conrad is all for the good things in life


How to unite?; Badgeland; Looting?; Marx retrograde; Discipline; Coal for steel

Dying of the planet

The Montreal conference on biodiversity was always, predictably, heading towards failure, writes Eddie Ford. Because of the Capitalian, the sixth mass extinction of species is already upon us

No unity with scabs

There need to be clear lines of demarcation. James Harvey reports on CPGB criticisms of the sort of unity being pursued by comrades in the Netherlands

A bogus imperialist narrative

Many people imagine Israel as the natural representative of Jewish memory. Nothing could be further from the truth. Tony Greenstein introduces his new book Zionism during the holocaust

Crime of victimless crime

The harsh treatment meted out to Brittney Griner gives us a glimpse of the human cost of the so-called war on drugs. Daniel Lazare looks at five decades of horror

Forgotten gem retrieved

Stan Keable reviews They won’t let you live by Simon Blumenfeld (introduction by Tali Chilson. London Books 2022, pp250)

G-man behind the curtain

Scandal or nothingburger? Paul Demarty assesses the ‘Twitter files’ and the continued travails of Elon Musk

Back next year

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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