WW archive > Issue 1417 - 03 November 2022

Greenwashing the crisis

While the planet stands on the edge of runaway climate change, another totally inadequate Cop conference is about to begin. But, writes Eddie Ford, protest politics is also totally inadequate


Racist EHRC; Personal bile; Genetic politics; Energy strike; Hold-up; Wrong label?; Refugees

Tragedy second time too

Yassamine Mather celebrates the current wave of mass protests, the youth, the bravery. However, lack of serious organisation, coordination and a strategic plan is a real problem that must be addressed

Memory wars - part I

In the first of three articles marking the anniversary of the Russian Revolution, Jack Conrad explains that Trotsky’s 1924 Lessons of October has been widely accepted as a right and proper account. Certainly, when it comes to the left, however, that orthodoxy needs to be overthrown as a matter of urgency

Buyer’s remorse

Meta’s stock market beating and Musk’s acquisition of Twitter paint a grim picture of the state of social media, argues Paul Demarty

Ukraine and the ‘left’

When on earth will the DSA and ‘the Squad’ come up with a principled position? Daniel Lazare reports on the dismal failings of the US ‘pwogs’

Trauma, terror, war and peace

Jim Moody reviews Causeway (directed by Lila Neugebauer, distributor: Apple TV) and Butterfly vision (directed by Maksym Nakonechnyi, distributor: MUBI)

Man of the markets

Kevin Bean predicts that the prime minister will not have an easy ride. Already all the signs of trouble are there and a renewed outbreak of factional war looks likely

Below target

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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