Back on the horse!

Linda Carr reports on the 2022 CPGB Summer Offensive

A last-phase push during Communist University brought the final total for our 2022 Summer Offensive fundraising drive to £22,882. (It is possible that some contributions have not yet been reported to me, but this should be substantially where we are.)

That is, of course, some way short of our £30,000 target, but we were aware throughout this year that we would be ‘getting back on the horse’ after the dislocations of reduced face-to-face activity in 2020-21. The result is less than we were aiming for, but still a creditable figure.

It is worth reminding readers that the Summer Offensive, like the Weekly Worker’s regular fighting fund drive, reflects the fact that the mainstream media, because it is advertising-funded, will not give practical space to promoting the interests of the working class - even with the cleverest possible news management techniques of the sort that Eurocommunists, New Labour and various groups of leftists influenced by these trends claimed could do the job.

To have a political voice we need both this paper, which the fighting fund maintains, and our organisation, which members support both through their regular dues and through the herculean efforts they make - which, for example, got us to that Summer Offensive total. We may not have made our target this year, but we got a good way towards it - and got ‘back on the horse’ of serious fundraising!

Linda Carr