WW archive > Issue 1408 - 01 September 2022

Expect broken promises

Enough is Enough will not deliver a new workers’ party. On the contrary it will enhance the career prospects of the likes of Andy Burnham and return masses of angry people to the Labour fold, argues James Harvey


CPGB and Sparts; Marxist party; Holocaust; Abhorrent; CPB and monarchy; Paedophiles; Legalisation; Labour fringe

After the summer of discontent

The strike wave is set to grow in numbers, militancy and coordination. Paul Demarty warns that Liz Truss could respond by imposing wartime measures

Follow the UK example

Shuvu Bhattarai upholds Enough is Enough as a model which socialists in the US ought to emulate. He sees it rapidly developing “into a mass working people’s party” built around basic bread and butter economic demands

New times, new challenges

The first post-lockdown CU saw an in-depth exploration of war and peace. Danny Hammill reports

Justifying a century of oppression

The centenary marking the end of the Greco-Turkish war in 1922 is part of the never-ending quest to establish a ‘viable’ nation. Esen Uslu recalls the horrific and continuing atrocities

Background to the Capitalocene

It is capitalism which lies at the heart of the climate crisis. Jim Moody explores possible technical solutions to what is, he argues, a social question

Nearing an n-deal

Despite Israeli military provocations and strenuous diplomatic objections, a deal on Iran’s nuclear programme is on the cards, writes Yassamine Mather

Back on the horse!

Linda Carr reports on the 2022 CPGB Summer Offensive


Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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