WW archive > Issue 1406 - 04 August 2022

Pulling the dragon’s tail

Dan Lazare looks at the dangerous implications of Nancy Pelosi’s provocative trip to Taiwan, and the silence of the congressional left


Factcheck; Another wedge; Escorts; Bargain travel

Gunning for China

Eddie Ford wonders whether the much-heralded Kherson counter-offensive and massive deliveries of western armaments could be a potential game-changer

The prince and the terrorist

Yassamine Mather explores the fabulously rich bin Laden family and the links between the Middle East’s efficient royals and Britain’s dignified royals

Migration delusions

The Tory leadership rivals’ attempts to outbid each other on being ‘hard on immigration’ promote delusions, argues Mike Macnair

Curse of faction

James Harvey looks at reactions to the Forde report and what it says about the state of the Labour Party’s left

SUPPLEMENT: The general strike and classical Marxism

Almost halfway

Linda Carr reports on the 2022 CPGB Summer Offensive

August next

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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