Almost halfway

Linda Carr reports on the 2022 CPGB Summer Offensive

First up, we have comrade PM - just back from a wedding down in Wales and still brushing off the confetti, but straight back into action post-nuptials. “I thought I’d better prioritise the list of Summer Offensive contributions since last Thursday,” he tells us. What a trooper …

So this week our stalwart international comrade, AM, gives the SO £82. Following close behind, we have, JC (£5), DI (£10), YM (£10) and ML (£20). With one exception, these are all modest contributions, but, combined, they add up to something quite useful.

Then, stepping up a notch, we have MM, who has donated a sturdy £200 - gleaned from his overtime, apparently. Meanwhile comrade CD has done something similar with his tax rebate of £145. In fact, he also threw in an extra £100 just for luck!

In addition, BD gave us a useful £40, while JC broke his duck with a sturdy £215. MM and OP were pretty much neck and neck with their £300 and £291 respectively. However, the winner this week (by a country mile) is comrade CB, who breasted the tape with an excellent £476.

His and all our other comrades’ sacrifice and hard graft have added a no-nonsense boost to our target of £30,000 by the end of Communist University (August 20). It now stands at £14,255. Great work, comrades - but remember, we’re not quite halfway there yet!

Linda Carr