Tinker, tailor, CPGB?

Linda Carr reports on the 2022 CPGB Summer Offensive

Before I update comrades on the state of play regarding the CPGB’s annual fundraising drive, I thought readers might be (mildly) amused to hear about the attack from the general secretary of the Morning Star’s Communist Party of Britain, Rob Griffiths, on our organisation. The leader of this dull, Stalinite grouping that survived the implosion of the ‘official’ CPGB in 1991 has taken up the cudgels against us online.

The thing to keep in mind when we deal with a political organisation like the CPB is that polemic and a rigorous approach to ideas is not its natural modus operandi. Its politics are fragile and prone to crumble under pressure. Thus, two options are left for them. First, to mock our politics (almost always inaccurately). Second - and more sinister - is the provocateur’s approach of branding comrades in our common movement as state agents. That, they say, explains where the money comes from to finance the Weekly Worker. There’s still far too much crap like this in our movement - including from comrade Griffiths and some of the amateur ‘Smileys’ in his ranks.

So, in the absence of the keys to MI5’s piggy bank, we shall, as always, rely on the sacrifice of comrades and friends of our organisation to help us achieve our £30,000 Summer Offensive target.

This week, donations include MM’s sterling £300, matched by the same amount from KB. BD tops the lot, however, with a hefty £350. VP, YM and JB put £150 each into the pot and AL’s £20 and TD’s £10 are welcomed. SM put in a tenner for us, with ML adding a fiver. There’s also a feral £40 floating around, waiting to be claimed!

Last, but not least, well done to our comrades at last weekend’s Durham Miners Gala. I reported a week ago that our team would be “primarily” concentrating on the Weekly Worker and other party materials. Notwithstanding, our main comrades on the day - SK and OP - raised a useful £30.50 each.

Altogether the amount added to the total this week was £1,546, comrades, and we’ve now gone past £4,500 on our way to that £30,000 target. If you want to help us get there, please go to communistparty.co.uk/donate - and please remember to specify ‘Summer Offensive’ when making your donation.

We can do it with your help!

Linda Carr