WW archive > Issue 1397 - 26 May 2022


Unfortunately, we were unable to publish the Weekly Worker on June 2. The Platinum Jubilee meant that both our printers and Royal Mail were out of action....


Remember climate; Pax Americana; Perhaps aliens?; Double fencing; Keep the name

Jumping through the hoops

As RMT members vote overwhelmingly for industrial action, the Tories are threatening to enact yet more anti-trade union laws. Eddie Ford urges defiance

Talking loud, saying nothing

Paul Demarty checks in on the congress of the Socialist Party in England and Wales - a decision-making body apparently without decisions to make

Stampeded by Russia’s attack

Public and parliamentary opinion have undergone a panicked swing away from non-alignment. Jan Nyström reports on the attempt to forge a principled opposition to Nato membership

Notes on the war

Both the social-imperialists and the pro-Kremlin left fail to put the working class at the centre of their perspectives and look instead to either Nato or the Putin regime as an agent of social progress. Jack Conrad calls for rebellion against those who betray the elementary principles of socialism

All about press freedom

The case of Julian Assange represents the most dangerous and concerted attack on journalism and freedom of the press in over a century, says Tony Greenstein

Designed to shorten lives

Cars, drugs and now the Uvalde school massacre, Daniel Lazare looks at the American way of death

Unique on the left

Dave Vincent reviews 'David John Douglass, anarchist-syndicalist coalminer: reviews and articles appearing in the Weekly Worker' (pp253, £12)

Running out of luck

The new Labor government is committed, like its predecessor, to the US alliance and disengaging with China. Meanwhile, real wages fall, inflation increases and climate change brings floods, fires and droughts. Michael Roberts looks at a country facing troubled times

Touching distance

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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