WW archive > Issue 1393 - 28 April 2022

Pro-Kremlin socialists

Social-imperialism and social-pacifism are not our only problems, argues Jack Conrad. There is also a left that tails, excuses and flatters the Putin regime


Labour role; Treachery; End of era?; Needed; Fascists out; Ahistorical

Booze, lies and votes

The Tories face a hammering on May 5, but, says Eddie Ford, you are very unlikely to find a principled leftwing candidate

Rival nationalist bigotries

Daniel Lazare investigates the thriving rightwing ideology on both sides of the Russia-Ukraine divide

Dead not resting

James Harvey of Labour Party Marxists looks at the origins, politics and ultimate demise of Labour Briefing

Split three ways

Low growth and high unemployment will continue, not go away. Michael Roberts looks at the world’s fifth largest economy following the presidential election

Accountable police?

Dave Vincent reviews 'Deep deception: the story of the spycop network, by the women who uncovered the shocking truth' by Helen Steel (Ebury Press, 2022, pp400, £20)

Unintended consequences

The calumnies against Shaima Dallali highlight the left’s errors. Paul Demarty calls for a principled defence of free speech

£305 in three days

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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