WW archive > Issue 1390 - 07 April 2022

Alex’s greater friend

The SWP is clearly motivated by opportunist considerations, not least the fall-out from the Martin Smith rape scandal. We do not owe politeness to renegades, argues Paul Demarty


Imperialist trap; Putin and Nato; Shachtmanism; RS21; Regroupment; Assessing Stalin

The war party

With the Republican right still preaching isolationism, it is the Democrats who are now gung-ho for wars and military adventures, writes Daniel Lazare

Resistance to war fever

Amidst the suffocating establishment consensus, Toby Abse welcomes the relatively principled position taken by much of the Italian left

Seasons of crisis

The huge increase in NHS waiting times is not just a result of the pandemic, James Linney explains

Process of poverty

Will there be a new Winter of Discontent in response to the cost of living crisis? Eddie Ford is hopeful, but it will only happen with organisation and challenging the grip of the trade union bureaucracy

SUPPLEMENT: Imperialism and the state (Part III)

Capitalism produces huge wealth and huge inequalities, both of which play a role in recurring crises

March success

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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