WW archive > Issue 1386 - 10 March 2022

Spineless of the little blob

Its response to the Ukraine war shows the official Labour ‘left’ is sinking ever further into the mire, writes James Harvey


Against fascism; Critical support; Eliminating wars; Disconnection; Social-patriots; Zionist friends; BDS or not; Ignore Hamas; Another planet

Away with comforting delusions

‘Official communism’ is bitterly divided over the Ukraine war. Paul Demarty traces the battle lines back to their origins

Cementing US control

Mike Macnair spoke to Online Communist Forum on the 50th anniversary of Richard Nixon’s historic week-long visit to China

An unsafe technology

Russian shelling near the Zaporizhzhia plant is a stark reminder of the inherently dangerous nature of nuclear power, warns Eddie Ford

Four anti-war nos

Daniel Lazare welcomes the refusal of the DSA’s international committee to go along with the Democrats’ warmongering

Working women find a voice

Anne McShane looks at 'Rabotnitsa', first published by the Bolsheviks on February 23 1914 to mark International Women’s Day

Hypocrisy all round

Moshé Machover highlights the selective condemnations of oppression and explains why Israel’s prime minister can pose as the peacemaker


Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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