A slow week

Judy Carosian reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Robbie Rix is away for a few weeks on family business - Judy Carosian, at your service.

This has not been a great week, comrades.

We’ve had £100 via Paypal from BB for a resub plus donation. Now that is what we like to see - resubs plus: very welcome indeed. Thank you so much, comrade. We’ve also had two resubs, from EM and PM. Great to see that comrades are continuing their support of our thoughtful and interesting journalism.

A new subscripton arrived from AJ, a reader in the Netherlands - one of a growing number of comrades from Europe. Welcome to our print readership, AJ! When the paper is actually in your hands, you will find it a far better reading experience than looking at a computer or phone screen.

It is also an excellent sign that some comrades who have recently been contacted are raising their regular donations - we all know that inflation is officially at 5.4% - a 30-year high. That means extra direct and indirect costs for the Weekly Worker, not least our wonderful printer, and what they have to pay out for paper and ink.

You may have noticed that last week’s issue had thicker paper than usual, which meant that we had to reduce some bulk orders. But that was all our printer could get hold of … so, not only price rises, but shortages too. Hopefully we will be back to normal this week.

Talking about bulk orders, the lifting of Covid restrictions expected very soon will mean more demonstrations, more face-to-face meetings and more chances to sell, or simply hand out, copies of Weekly Worker. If you can do that, brilliant. Just contact us … in money terms, send what you can (and at least try to cover the cost of postage).

Meanwhile, if you can help, please click on the PayPal button on our website. Better still, why not make a bank transfer, for which no fee is deducted: make your payment to account number 00744310 (sort code 30-99-64). And, yes, unlike some shops, we still accept cheques!

Help us go shooting past our £2,250 target for the first month of the new year.

Judy Carosian