WW archive > Issue 1379 - 20 January 2022

Operation Save Big Dog

Is Boris Johnson toast? Eddie Ford comments on the partygate scandals and what it means for Sir Keir’s prospects


All kudos; Liquidation sale; Counting; Debate

Will ye no come back?

Amidst rumours of Jeremy Corbyn being set to launch a new party, Derek James asks why so many on the left are still in thrall to Corbynism

An uncertain situation

Discounting the danger of Islamic reaction is more than stupid. Paul Demarty looks at the Kazakh uprising and the CSTO intervention

Heroes and villains

Lawrence Parker reviews 'The chronology of revolution: communism, culture, and civil society in twentieth-century Britain' by Ben Harker (University of Toronto Press, 2021, pp376, £63.99)

Path to nowhere

Daniel Lazare accuses his critics of burying their heads in the sand over the nature of the BDS campaign

No change of line

Mike Macnair responds to Daniel Lazare on BDS, the Israel Jewish working class and the necessity of opposing the witch-hunt

Economy in meltdown

Amid unpaid wages, soaring inflation and daily protests in Iran, the Vienna negotiations drag on, reports Yassamine Mather

A slow week

Judy Carosian reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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