WW archive > Issue 1378 - 13 January 2022

Rise of the killer machines

It is no longer dystopian sc-fi. Yassamine Mather looks at the race to develop and deploy autonomous lethal weapons


#BoycottHP; Hanging man; Hypocrisy; A socialist?; Corbyn party; Talk to people; Mistakes?; Automation

Three cheers for juries

With attorney general Suella Braverman threatening to use extraordinary measures and a deafening silence coming from Labour’s front bench, Paul Demarty unhesitatingly welcomes the acquittal of the Colston Four

Still no hint of seriousness

The working class, humanity, cannot afford to wait till the next century before dealing with capitalist slumps, war threats and the actuality of ecological breakdown. Jack Conrad replies to Tony Greenstein

Six sessions of the best

Ollie Hughes and James Harvey report on Winter Communist University 2022, where discussions ranged far and wide

Calluses on our souls

Gaby Rubin reviews 'Nigger - an autobiography' by Dick Gregory with Robert Lipsyte (Plume 2019, pp235, £19.79)

Class struggle and sport

David John Douglass reviews 'Colliers: Northumberland’s pitmen and their Football League team' by Jon Tait (Rough Badger Press, 2021, pp171, £7)

Civilisation in jeopardy

Extreme weather is becoming typical weather, writes Eddie Ford, and the cause is undeniable: capitalism

Bit of a spurt

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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