WW archive > Issue 1370 - 04 November 2021

Greenism: a rough guide

Jack Conrad explores the organisations, history, business models, aristocrats, royal agendas and class limits


Democracy; Give up on Labour; Mark my words; Abject surrender

Give a little and take a lot

Though there was nothing, not a thing, on the environment. Rishi Sunak’s ‘big state, high tax’ budget had a distinctly populist feel, writes Eddie Ford

The proletarian sovereign

Does the USA have a supreme source of authority? Daniel Lazare takes issue with Mike Macnair

It will not fall from the sky

Donald Parkinson of the Marxist Unity Slate looks at the 2021 convention of the Democratic Socialists of America and maps out a path beyond the current strategic impasse

Bitter fruit of imperialism

Islamist jihadism is a modern, not an ancient, phenomenon. Yassamine Mather looks at causes, social roots and terrible consequences

Feeding the revolving door

Andrew Byrne, Gerald Wiley and Derek James report on an all too carefully choreographed event staged by the Socialist Appeal comrades

New target

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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