WW archive > Issue 1369 - 28 October 2021

Malthus painted green

Are there too many people? Jack Conrad attacks crude overpopulation theories. They are more than useless: they are extraordinarily dangerous


Stalin nostalgia; Right-moving CPB; Fairyland again; Dictatorship

Latest round win

Three and a half years after being sacked for daring to criticise Zionism during the Enough is Enough demonstration and Jewish Voice for Labour’s counter-demonstration in Parliament Square, Stan Keable welcomes a small victory in the struggle for unrestricted freedom of speech

Long march of censorship

Paul Demarty looks at recent attacks on free speech in the name of combatting offence, real or imagined

A 2.7 degree wake-up call

The UK government’s response is woefully inadequate. So keep your expectations about Cop26 really low, advises a worried Eddie Ford

Modern ancient constitutions

We are agreed: the struggle for political democracy is vital. But more is needed. Mike Macnair answers his common-ground critics

Slow-motion civil war

Donald Trump is gearing up to run in 2024 and the ground is already being laid for another coup attempt. It is time for ‘we, the people’ to act, says Daniel Lazare

Persona non grata

There are mounting tensions with the west and a rocky economy. Turkey’s president is facing challenging times, writes Esen Uslu

Right firmly in control

The Labour left is still clutching at unity and refusing to face up to defeat. Derek James of Labour Party Marxists looks at the sorry results

More is needed

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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