WW archive > Issue 1366 - 07 October 2021

Cold war hots up

As the US and Britain set about arming Australia with nuclear-powered subs and Indian troops dig in at high altitude, Chinese warplanes prod and probe Taiwan’s air defences. Eddie Ford warns that a shooting war is far from impossible


Expulsions; Inhuman; Who are PMC?; Strange times; Trolling; Venomous; Starmer’s speech

Vigorous debate

Paul Drummond reports on the discussions at last weekend’s meeting of CPGB and LPM comrades

Hadean to Capitalocene

Climate is change. But today climate change represents an immediate danger to human civilisation and can only be mitigated if far-reaching and truly radical measures are taken. Jack Conrad looks back at the deep past and towards an uncertain future

Secret world of the elite

Access capitalism and mammoth corruption have been laid bare by the Pandora papers, writes Danny Hammill

Marxist monetary theory

It is profit, not government spending, that drives capitalist investment, writes Michael Roberts

Tudor, Whig or what?

No ultimate source of sovereignty: Daniel Lazare takes issue with Mike Macnair on the nature of the US constitution

A disaster foretold

HGV drivers, petrol, empty supermarket shelves - Britain’s dependence on global supply chains has been badly exposed. Paul Demarty investigates

You did it!

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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