WW archive > Issue 1358 - 29 July 2021

Generation Left terrifies right

Eddie Ford calls upon Marxists to take up the challenge to organise the socialist majority of young people


Blocked by George; Only thousands; Another sect?; Accessible; Gay acceptability

The perfect spy

NSO is hugely profitable and closely bound up with the Israeli state and its diplomatic interests. But there is far more to spyware than obtaining information on criminals, terrorists and political opponents. Paul Demarty explains

Anger finds open expression

From Isfahan to Tabriz, Karaj to Tehran, the slogans are clear: ‘Death to the dictator’, ‘Shame on Khamenei’, ‘Hands off Iran’. Yassamine Mather reports on the upsurge of protests

Contradictions intensify

As Trump lays the ground for another presidential run, Republicans impose further restrictions on voting rights. Daniel Lazare sees a looming constitutional crisis

False dichotomy

Ollie Douglas reviews 'Marxism and intersectionality: race, gender, class and sexuality under contemporary capitalism' by AJ Bohrer

Human rights illusions

Dave Levy has proposed that Labour should make its disciplinary procedure comply with the European Convention on Human Rights. Mike Macnair shows that the project is totally delusional

Sir Keir’s ritual sacrifice

Derek James of Labour Party Marxists says the official left’s passive response to the latest upping of the witch-hunt is a direct result of careerism and narrow electoralism

Within reach

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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