WW archive > Issue 1357 - 22 July 2021

Sir Keir’s road to Brighton

Organisations can be banned, but powerful ideas still live and flourish. Derek James of Labour Party Marxists reports on the growing opposition to the latest stage of the witch-hunt


Football racism; Right to decide; Stalinist; Sour plums

In spite of everything

Left illusions in cheap populist rhetoric risk splitting the vote and handing victory to the right. Paul Demarty argues in favour of a clear-sighted and long-term strategy

Modernisation with typical characteristics

Is the People’s Republic of China really such an odd social formation? Mike Belbin finds the answer in history

Pandemic to pingdemic

Boris Johnson’s ‘Freedom Day’ did not exactly go as planned. In fact it was a fiasco. Despite that, Eddie Ford warns of an early general election

Into the light of hope

Biggest oil and gas strike. A rebellion against neoliberalism. Economic and political demands combine. Ruben Markarian, of the Organisation of Revolutionary Workers of Iran, sees a historic turning point. This article is based on his July 18 Online Communist Forum talk

Leopard and its spots

With or without monopolies, the basis of capitalist exploitation remains the same, argues Michael Roberts

Great pension robbery

Miners have been deprived of part of their ‘deferred wages’. David John Douglass exposes the actions of successive governments

Going rate

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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