WW archive > Issue 1350 - 03 June 2021

Flying saucers over Washington

UFOs are back in the news again. Paul Demarty explores the cold war background and its exotic leftwing offshoots and variants


Turkish fascism; Complex; Israel liability; Boycott Puma; Alternative Forde; ‘Go-to’ newspaper; The Leninist; White Australia

Pogrom state made manifest

The far-right terror campaign against Palestinians sees the police arresting those who dare resist. Meanwhile global opposition to Israel grows apace. Tony Greenstein looks at the changing picture

Where is America going?

Has there been a social democratic turn following Joe Biden’s victory? Now, after all, his administration promises not only to tax the rich, but help the poor. Then there is China, the EU and the so-called third world. This is an edited version of the talk Hillel Ticktin gave to the May 27 Online Communist Forum

Centrality of class

Mike Macnair replies to Foppe de Haan and Catherine Liu on the analysis of history and meritocracy

Decline in profitability

Capitalism’s productivity failure can best be explained by Marxist theory, writes Michael Roberts

Story built on lies

David Douglass reviews 'Thatcher vs the miners: the battle for Britain', produced by Harry Bell and Brendan Hughes and broadcast on Channel 5

‘Anti-Semitism’ and culture wars

Derek James links the press attacks on the mass demonstrations in solidarity with the Palestinians to a wider Tory offensive


Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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