WW archive > Issue 1344 - 22 April 2021


Distil the truth; Capital and race; Togliatti; Monarchy; Football

Three million and rising

With global deaths surpassing a significant landmark, Eddie Ford points the finger of blame for this horrendous example of social murder at government bungling and disorganisation

Death by numbers

Instead of treating the monarchy merely as a quaint feudal relic, the left needs a much sharper critique, argues Paul Demarty

Cowboys and Indians

The AWL’s attempt to claim the legacy of Shapurji Saklatvala is poorly executed and theoretically incoherent, argues Lawrence Parker

Back to nature

Vernon Price reports on what is an ongoing programmatic debate within the CPGB

Is war on the way?

Mounting tensions between Russia and the west over Ukraine could have serious international consequences, warns Daniel Lazare

Moving to far right

Moshé Machover looks at the dynamics and strange deals that might be done following the indecisive general election

Hollow man for hollow times

With Labour facing a string of defeats on May 6, Derek James looks at the continuing problems facing Keir Starmer

Help us get there

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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