WW archive > Issue 1341 - 01 April 2021


Shrewsbury 24; Day of Action; Broad spectrum; Clusterfuck

Blasphemy laws old and new

Freedom of speech includes the right to criticise, explain and even mock, insists Eddie Ford

Anti-racism as a straitjacket

Boris Johnson's government boasts of its anti-racism, the UN boasts of its anti-racism, the SWP boasts of its anti-racism. Paul Demarty detects more than a whiff of popular frontism

No let up in cold war

What is Joe Biden up to? Daniel Lazare looks at the wild allegations against Xi Jinping and China

AI and our tasks

Yassamine Mather examines the many problems posed for the workers’ movement by artificial intelligence

Capitalism and labour productivity

Even non-Marxists have to admit that Marx was right. Michael Roberts looks at a newly published paper

The Zingaretti aberration

Not surprisingly, the attempt to reinvent social democracy came to nothing. The rightward drift is now set to continue. Toby Abse looks at the dysfunctional parties, factions, fiefdoms and tokenistic gestures which dominate electoral politics

Examining underlying issues

Obviously, there is no genocide going on in China, but we must conduct our own research into what is happening in Xinjiang, urges Foppe de Haan

Focus on big questions

Tory commissioners should concentrate minds, writes Derek James of Labour Party Marxists

Help us out

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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