WW archive > Issue 1335 - 18 February 2021


Still members!; Ableism; Unhinged; Myanmar

Live at the witch trials

Starmer’s ‘advisory board’ is part of a wider push to eliminate all opposition to Israel, says Paul Demarty

End the contradiction

James Harvey reports on a timely conference that produced a strange outcome

We light fires

One half of the Labour Campaign for Free Speech does not believe in free speech. They want a ‘free speech, but ...’ campaign. Jack Conrad explains why the left should champion the unrestricted right to organise, strike, assemble and speak

Problem is capitalism

Michael Roberts asks what we should now expect: deflation, inflation or stagflation?

Mario Draghi? No, thanks!

The political establishment has put differences aside to support a government that is committed to making workers, pensioners and the petty bourgeoisie pay for the Covid-19 crisis, reports Toby Abse

Revolution from above

Small farmers are in revolt against the Modi government. Jeff Singh looks at the drive to replace peasants with capitalists

Heading for self-destruction

Impeachment and acquittal: but, says Daniel Lazare, Trump was guilty as charged

Drivers that led to January 6

There was far more involved in the storming of the Capitol than an antiquated constitution and corrupt political parties. Jim Creegan responds to Daniel Lazare

Swords into ploughshares?

Nuclear power is no answer to global warming, argues Eddie Ford - it is incredibly expensive and inherently dangerous


Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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