WW archive > Issue 1333 - 04 February 2021


Democracy; Scotland; RIC splits; Soviet fetishism

The meaning of January 6

A riot, a coup attempt or something in between? Daniel Lazare responds to three recently published articles in the Weekly Worker

Poor man’s pivot

The government’s decision to join an Asia-Pacific free trade area is not likely to provide much shelter from economic headwinds, argues Paul Demarty

Facing both ways

Last weekend’s conference ended up adopting two totally contradictory positions. James Harvey of Labour Party Marxists reports

Collapse of Corbyn project

Tony Greenstein reviews 'Left out: the inside story of Labour under Corbyn' by Benjamin Pogrund and Patrick McGuire as well Owen Jones's 'This land: the struggle for the left'

Class, disease and fatality

Britain has one of the very best vaccination programmes, writes Eddie Ford, but also one of the very worst death rates

SUPPLEMENT: Preparing for revolution

Yassamine Mather says that the Siahkal incident 50 years ago marked a break with the passivity of ‘official communism’, but the guerrillaist left was hopelessly outmanoeuvred when it came to the reality of revolution in Iran

SUPPLEMENT: Limits of guerrillaism

Mohamad Reza Shalgouni was a founder-member of the Organisation of Revolutionary Workers of Iran (Rahe Kargar). He spoke to Yassamine Mather about his strategic reassessment as a prisoner of the shah and experience of the revolutionary years of 1978-79

SUPPLEMENT: Three waves of protest

Feelings of injustice, a lack of rights and a sense of betrayal have become universal and act as psychological and subjective drivers of protest, writes Ardeshir Mehrdad. But how can protest be forged into a movement than can topple the regime?

Extra pages

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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